On Air: New Electric Music for the
Twenty-First Century

‘New Electric Music For The Twenty-First Century’ presents a series of two hour programs which highlight new music from a new century, for a new century. Also included are influential electric selections from the past. Original and creative programming material …
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On Air: The Stone Age

“The Stone Age”¬†explores electric music as it changed from mainstream Pop to music with authentic lyrics, and electricity. Listeners will hear the seminal music of the 60′s and 70′s that was the harbinger and symbol of worldwide cultural change through …
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On Air: The Hayride

‘The Hayride’¬†with Dan Wargo is a Series of 200 programs that are 1 hour each of Roots-Americana, Country and Folk music from North America. This Series is available on Public Radio Exchange. It has been a regular part of the …
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Dan Wargo

Host, Producer, Engineer

The Stone Age & The Hayride are produced, engineered & hosted by Dan Wargo and are available to stations or networks.
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